House prices in Spain Q2 2018

The house price figures have been released for the 2nd quarter of 2018.

The data shows an increase of 0.6% in prices so far during 2018.

The Housing Price Index is established with a base set in 2015. During this period house prices
have increased by 6.8%.

New properties have increased by 5.7%.

Resale properties have seen an increase of 7%.

The figures for the 2nd quarter of 2018 demonstrate an increase of 2.6% compared with the
previous quarter.

Breakdown by region

The autonomous communities with the highest annual variations were Asturias, Extremadura and
Castilla & León.

The Housing Price Indice for selected regions (base 2015) is as follows:

Madrid +10.1%

Cataluña +9.3%

Balearic Islands +8.4%

Canary Islands +5.9%

Andalucía + 4.8%

Valencia +4.0%

Murcia +2.6%

New build properties

The figures are broken down by property status; newly built properties and resales.

The regions with the greatest annual variation (base 2015) relating to new build properties are:

Balearic Islands +9.1%

Cataluña +8.8%

Extremedura + 6.8%

La Rioja + 6.8%

Basque Country +6.2%

Castilla y León 6.2%

Madrid + 6.0%

Resale properties

The regions with the greatest annual variation (base 2015) relating to resale properties are:

Madrid + 10.9%

Cataluña + 9.4%

Balearic Islands + 8.4%

Cantabria + 6.5%

Canary Islands + 6.1%

Basque Country + 5.7%

Aragón + 5.4%

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