Mortgage Figures in Spain

The month of March 2017 saw a total of 27,720 new mortgage issued throughout Spain.

This figures represents an increase of 20% in comparison with March 2016.

The statistics are a further reflection of the recovery of the property market in Spain.


The average mortgage amount was €114,469.00. This was an increase of 6.4% over the year.

The breakdown of mortgage by property type was 62% for dwellings, 7% land, 5% rural properties and 26% commercial properties.

Average interest rate remains constant at 3.23%. The interest rates available for new mortgages on urban dwellings are currently extremely competitive.

Some of our recent clients have obtained rates as low as 2%.

The breakdown of mortgages approved by selective region in March 2017:

Mortgages 5,070
Variation + 10.7%
Average loan €97,716

Balearic Islands
Mortgages 1,040
Variation +74%
Average loan €132,550

Canary Islands
Mortgages 1,022
Variation -42%
Average loan €79,826

Mortgages 4,574
Variation + 26%
Average loan €135,412

Comunitat Valenciana
Mortgages 3,156
Variation + 43%
Average loan €83,041

Mortgages 982
Variation + 23%
Average loan €97,455

Mortgages 4,716
Variation + 16%
Average loan €163,494

Mortgages 666
Variation + 30%
Average loan €76,012

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