Floor Clause – No Win No Fee

GB Abogados are assisting a large number of clients from a range of countries with their mortgage claims in Spain.

A huge number of international clients have found themselves tied to a mortgage which contains a floor clause.

The clause means that regardless of the low level of the Euribor, that the monthly mortgage payments never decrease below a certain threshold.

We have encountered clients with a minimum rate of interest of 4.5%.

With the Euribor at historically low levels for a prolonged period of time, this means that mortgage holders are paying significantly more month after month.

GB Abogados continue to be successful in obtaining refunds for clients who have a floor clause.

The amount to be reclaimed can add up to a sizeable sum and we have gained refunds of around €30,000 for clients in recent days.

We are now offering our services for new floor clause clients on a NO WIN NO FEE basis.

Despite the involvement of the Spanish government, which has stipulated that the banks must put in place consumer friendly refund procedures, the banks are still not making it easy for their clients.

Please contact us today to discuss your circumstances and how we can help.