Property sales in Spain January 2018

The Spanish Institute for National Statistics (INE) have released the figures for the transfer of ownership of properties throughout Spain for January 2018.

The figures consist of property sales, inheritance, donation to children, property swaps, consolidation of separate title and repossessions.

The total amount of transactions during January 2018 was 176,911.

This represents an increase of 13.2% in comparison with January 2017.  More impressive is the fact that January 2018, traditionally a quiet month, was busier than any month throughout entire 2017.

Valdemossa, Mallorca

The total figure can be broken down as follows;

  • Property sales: 94,060
  • Inheritance: 38,365
  • Donation: 3,837
  • Swaps: 517
  • Other (consolidation, repossessions etc.): 40,132

In particular the number of property sales so early in the year, point to a potentially busy year in the property sector in Spain.

This is a further reflection of much improved market conditions in Spain.

The majority of property sales related to urban property, just over 80,000, with rustic properties accounting for over 13,000 sales.

The regions with the most transactions at the registry were:

  • Andalucía: 28,946
  • Cataluña: 24,626
  • Comunidad Valenciana: 23,438
  • Madrid: 19,907
  • Castilla y León: 13,880
  • Castilla – La Mancha 10,384

The first quarter of 2018 has been especially busy in the property market in Spain.

GB Abogados conveyancing and probate departments have experienced a busier start to the year than for many previous years.

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Prior to Brexit many of our UK clients have been donating their property in Spain to their children.

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