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For clients who are setting up a business in Spain, GB Abogados offer a complete service, from the registration of the business at the Tax Office (Agencia Tributaria) to the completion and filing of quarterly VAT (IVA) and annual tax returns, standard bookkeeping and accounts preparation services.

Our experienced team of professionals can oversee the formation of your Spanish Company and register the new business for tax and social security.

We assist with tax planning for individuals and small businesses.

Like those with an Autonomy (self employed individual) status, employers are required to meet certain tax obligations under the Tax Code and Royal Decree 1065/2007 which regulates the general regulation of the activities of tax management and inspection and development of common standards and management procedures inspection.

These obligations may be monetary, ie, the payment of tax liability (Article 19 LGT), the financial obligation to make account payments (art.23 LGT), the obligation arising between individuals resulting from tax such as the duty to retain or enter legally foreseen account (art.24 LGT, accessory obligations (interest shall be meet, extemporaneous statement charges and surcharges of the executive period art.25 LGT).

On the other hand, formal obligations, contained in LGT and the Art.29

These include the obligation to apply for and use tax numbers on the tax nature relationships, deliver and maintain invoices, bringing the adjusted accounting code of Commerce etc. … to be periodically met as determined by the respective standard.

In the field of European Union and European Economic Area, the Tax Authority has signed tax treaties with other member states to avoid double taxation.

Therefore the above yields should be taxed in the Non-resident country (i.e. Spain), but there is also the option to pay the tax due in the home country of residence.

Our accountants can advise on the best course of action for you and your business according to the relevant rules and regulations.

It is necessary to have your interests represented by a legal professional when dealing with the treasury, particularly when operating by EP (Permanent Establishment, i.e. a branch-subsidiary).

When due to the value or characteristics of the income obtained in the Spanish territory, it is so determined by the tax authority.

In the cases of supplies of services, technical assistance, installation or assembly works derived from engineering contracts and, in general, economic or professional activities without the mediation of EP.

For example:

  • Entities under an imputed income constituted abroad.
  • People or entities resident in countries with which there is no effective exchange of information.

If you are interested in setting up a business in Spain, expanding a pre-existing business into the Spanish territories, or looking for independent tax advice for your company, please contact our team today.

Corporate clients can visit our dedicated corporate law site here.

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