Spanish Planning Applications

The service

GB Abogados have a wealth of experience in Spanish property matters.

This also covers planning applications for alterations to property in Spain or projects which involve the building of a new property.

Who can we help?

We can assist property owners throughout Spain who wish to undertake alternations, renovations or an extension to a property.

GB Abogados are able to assist with all matters related to this requirement, from initial planning to the final registration of the works.

GB Abogados work with a number of respected surveyors and architects and consequently we are able to manage the project on your behalf.

The process

The first step is to contact us.

One of our English speaking solicitors will discuss your requirements and offer advice and a solution as to the best way forward.

The first part of the process typically involves an architect visit to the property to draft the plans and formal outline of the project.

We will assist with gathering all relevant documentation and the submissions to the planning department.

How we can help

GB Abogados can manage the project from start to finish. This ensures that you have the correct documentation, specification and project outline acceptable to local planning laws.

If you would like to discuss your circumstances, please don´t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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