Spanish company registration in UK

International companies trading with the UK have options in terms of how to structure the operation.

GB Abogados have assisted many Spanish and South American companies with trade related services involving the UK.

I wish to trade with the UK do I need to register there?

Not necessarily.

Only international companies who wish to open a branch or office in the UK are required to register with UK Companies House. The main criteria is if the company has a physical presence in the UK through which it conducts business.

The location must be a permanent one. Many companies use hotels as occasional meeting points. This is not classed as a physical presence.

If the company does not plan to have offices or a base in the United Kingdom, then registration with UK Companies House is not required.

I plan to have a base in the United Kingdom. What do I need to do?

It is mandatory for international companies to register with the United Kingdom Companies House within 1 month of opening the UK operation.

The documents required are relatively straight forward;

  • Completed Application Form
  • Payment of Registration Fee
  • Certified & Translated Company Registration Documents
  • Copy of last account (including certified translation)

Does the name need to match the name of the company?

It is possible to register the company in the UK with the original company name or an alternative name, if this is to be used to carry out business in the UK.

The UK Companies House operates a series of controls and restrictions in terms of choice of company name.

For instance;

  • Names must be unique and there can be no duplicate names
  • Names cannot be deemed offensive
  • Any suggestion of Royal or Government reference is restricted
  • Names must contain only certain characters, signs and punctuation are allowed

What are the ongoing obligations?

The company must inform the UK Companies House if there are any significant alterations in terms of;

  • Company Accounting Requirements
  • New or Amended Directors or Administrators
  • Change to UK trading name
  • Change of business activities
  • Change of address
  • Amendments to company constitution
  • Change to registered name

Amy amendments must formally be submitted by form to UK Companies House.

Is it a requirement to submit accounts in the UK?

Companies who are registered in the UK are required to file annual accounts.

The exact documentation to be submitted depends mainly upon the accounting requirements in the country of origin.

It is advisable to check the accounting requirements in order to avoid any penalties.

Submission of the accounts to UK Companies House must be done using a specific form and clarification of the jurisdiction upon which the accounts have been prepared.

Disclosure regulations

An overseas company with a physical presence in the UK is required to display a sign at its business premises with its company name and the country of incorporation.

All communications (email, fax, letters, website etc) must clearly state the company name, country of incorporation and registration number.

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