Tax investigations in Spain

The tax authorities in Spain are increasingly carrying out investigations and imposing fines on non-residents and foreign nationals who previously owned properties or businesses in Spain.


We have recently represented individuals who owned businesses in Spain and thought that they had closed the company down correctly, but now face a complex tax investigation.

Those non nationals who have sold a property are also often highlighted.

The Revenue Office in Spain now benefits from increased cooperation with authorities in other EU countries.

This means that cross border debt collection initiatives are becoming easier and more cost effective to implement.

GB Abogados can assist you if you are an individual or company and have an issue with the Revenue Office in Spain.

As with any financial dispute, it is best to face up to the issue.

We are often able to contest claimed taxes outstanding. In many situations a payment plan can be negotiated on your behalf.

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We offer a no-obligation assessment of your circumstances, following which, we will provide our advice and suggest the best course of action.

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