Working in Spain as a non resident

If you have been offered a job position in Spain by a Spanish company, it is possible to be working in Spain as a non resident and paying a lower rate of tax.

The main benefit of the scheme is that the tax rate would be 19%.

There are certain criteria which must be met in order to successfully register;

  • The individual must be changing their fiscal residence to Spain in order to accept the job offer.
  • The individual must not have been resident in Spain at any point during the past 10 years.
  • The job must be offered by a Spanish company

Individuals who register for the scheme will be taxed as a non resident for a maximum term of 5 tax periods.

A formal contract of employment must be in place.

Any alteration in circumstances may lead to the individual no longer qualifying for the non resident scheme.

If you have been offered a job in Spain and wish to discuss your potential registration for this scheme, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

Gascón Bernabéu is a firm of lawyers and accountants.  Our bi-lingual accountants are on hand to assist with all of your accountancy and tax needs in Spain.

For clients from the UK we are also able to provide UK accountancy services.

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