Offering a wide scope of services.


Our team of experienced solicitors are on hand to provide an efficient and reliable service to meet the needs of international clients.   GB Abogados specialise in a number of services that are most relevant to both private and corporate clients.

Private Clients


GB Abogados provide a dedicated conveyancing service for foreign clients who are buying in Spain.

Our English speaking solicitors are well versed in meeting the needs of our international clients.

If you are considering purchasing a property anywhere in Spain, please visit our conveyancing page for details of our comprehensive service package.


GB Abogados offer a prompt and efficient probate service to foreign nationals with assets in Spain and the UK.

We offer a complete probate service relieving you of what can be an onerous task at a time when you have lost someone close to you.

These situations can be even more difficult and frustrating if the deceased person owned assets abroad.

We are able to offer a complete service for the UK and Spanish probate for circumstances where there are assets in both countries.

Please visit our Probate page for more information.

Property transfer or donation

GB Abogados offer clients a stress free property transfer or donation service for properties throughout mainland Spain, the Balearic and Canary Islands.

The service enables the transfer of ownership involving one or more parties to another person or company.

The service is commonly requested by parents who wish to donate their property in Spain to their children.

Our property transfer page provides further details.

Criminal Law

GB Abogados Spanish lawyers benefit from a criminal law department which specialises in assisting foreign nationals in Spain.

Our criminal defence solicitors have a wealth of experience and constantly achieve the best possible outcome for clients at court in Spain.

Visit our criminal law page for full details.

Family Law

GB Abogados provide a wide range of services to clients who require help with family related issues in Spain.

The service covers a wide spectrum of issues involving family members.

Our English speaking solicitors are able to assist in circumstances where there is a family member in Spain.

A detailed overview of our service is available here.

Mortgage Floor Clauses

Many clients with a mortgage with a Spanish bank have a floor clause in their mortgage agreement.

This clause sets a minimum rate of interest payable.

This floor clause can be removed and amounts overpaid can often be reclaimed from the bank.

GB Abogados Spanish lawyers offer a no win no fee service for floor clause reclaims.

Read more here.

Corporate Clients

Corporate Law

GB Abogados offer a wide range of legal services for companies of any size and from any country.

Our Corporate Law page provides an overview of the types of services provided.

Company or Branch Formation in Spain

Our bi-lingual team of accountants can assist you in Spain with company formation or branch setup services.

GB Abogados have helped companies from many countries with their projects in Spain.

Spanish CIF Registration

If you wish to trade in Spain but do not wish to establish a permanent base, GB Abogados´accountants department can help your company obtain CIF registration in Spain.

Read more here.

Company Accountancy

Our accountancy department provides comprehensive accountancy services for companies in Spain.

GB Abogados are also able to offer a UK accountancy package for companies trading in both Spain and the UK.

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