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Spanish Property Disputes

The Service

GB Abogados benefit from a well established and active property department.

Our specialist solicitors deal with all manner of Spanish property disputes for our clients.

There are many types of property related disputes and it is likely that we have previously encountered the type of problem that you face.

Who does it apply to?

Property disputes cover a very wide spectrum and no two circumstances are the same. A few examples of people we have helped are:

Off-plan property purchases

You may have placed a deposit on an off-plan property purchase, which subsequently has not been completed.

When the property market crashed in Spain, there were many smaller to medium size property developers who did not have the financial strength to survive the downturn.

Consequently many property developments were left either half built or at planning stage.

By law the developers had to provide purchasers with a bank guarantee equal to the value of the deposit placed.

In many circumstances, the developers were unable to do this due to cash flow issues or overstretching themselves.

Purchase disputes

We have helped many clients who are in dispute with either an estate agent or vendor of a property that they wish to buy.

It may be that you are entitled to a refund of your deposit but have not received it or have encountered problems post purchase.

Developer liability

If you have completed on the purchase of a new build property and have encountered problems afterwards, we may be able to assist you.

It could be that the property has defects which have only just come to light.

Landlord/Tenant disputes

If is sometimes very difficult for clients to manage the rental of a property from a distance.

This is worse if there is a dispute with your tenant.

We are able to assist with both pre-court and eviction cases (as a last resort).

Tenant may find that there landlord has been unreasonable or has not fulfilled their obligations as per the rental agreement.

Often we are able to negotiate an amicable agreement.

Planning & licensing disputes

The process of planning and having the correct licences for your property or project can sometimes be very daunting.

This is heightened taking into account the potential language difficulties and the knowing how to use the Spanish system.

Our bi-lingual solicitors can assist with managing the process of ensuring that you have the correct planning for your property.

Disputes with neighbours

A dispute with a neighbour can be a hugely stressful experience, as it is there 24 hours a day and cannot be ignored.

Our solicitors have handled numerous cases of disputes involving boundaries, incursion onto property, noise pollution, access rights etc.

Commercial property issues

Our property department handles cases not only for individuals buying homes, but also companies or individuals who have invested in commercial property.

Our service includes licences, tenants disputes, usage etc.

Problems with builders

It is notoriously difficult to find a reliable building company, more so when you are in another country.

We can assist you with any problems that you may encounter with your building company.

It could be that the specification or quality of the work is not correct or satisfactory, or that you have paid a deposit but no work has been undertaken.

Additional scenarios where we have helped in the past include management company issues, unlawful occupiers/squatters and problems with title/ownership (see property registration page.)

The Process

The first step is to make contact with GB Abogados to benefit from a no-obligation consultation.

Our English speaking solicitor with discuss your circumstances and provide advice and the best solution to your issue.

The first part of the process usually involves gathering relevant documentation.

We will draft a power of Attorney for you to sign which authorises us to handle the case on your behalf.

This enables us to conclude matters in Spain without you having to travel.

This speeds up the process and reduces costs.

How we can help

Your solicitor will then manage the process from start to finish and keep you updated with your case.

There will no no issues with language or bureaucracy…you can leave it all to us.

If you would like to discuss your situation in detail, please don´t hesitate to contact us today.

Our English speaking solicitors will be happy to provide impartial advice with no-obligation.


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