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Spanish residency through investment

The service

The residency through investment scheme has been introduced by the Spanish government in order to encourage inward investment into the country during a difficult economic period.

The government wishes to stimulate the property market and making residency concessions for significant investment in the market has proven to be a high profile scheme.

GB Abogados offer an all-inclusive service, which includes both the residency application and the handling the investment. Most of our clients make their investment in residential property.

How does it work?

The scheme, also known as the Golden Visa, applies should a non-national purchase a property for a minimum of €500,000.

The purchaser must invest €500,000 in clear funds; for instance if the property is purchased for €750,000, then €250,000 can be via mortgage finance and the remainder in cash.

The purchase will enable the individual to receive a one year Visa which is renewable for every 2 years. The property ownership should be unchanged to ensure successful renewal.

Other residency schemes are available aside from property purchase. These include schemes for investors, qualified workers and entrepreneurs setting up businesses in Spain.

The process

The first step is to contact us to discuss the scheme and your eligibility and requirements. One of our bi-lingual solicitors will be provide advice as to the best way forward.

The next step is to find a property that you wish to purchase. If you have not yet started looking, we can assist with introductions to professional agents and the property departments of Spanish banks.

Once you have made an offer on the property that you wish to purchase, we will commence with the conveyancing. Please visit our conveyancing page for a full breakdown of this service.

Whilst this is underway we will ensure that we assist you with gathering the relevant documentation for the residency aspect.

How we can help?

Our bi-lingual solicitors can assist with every element of the residency via investment scheme. At outset this will include advice of documentation and eligibility requirements. We can also assist with ensuring that you purchase a property that represents a good investment.

If you are considering this service, please don´t hesitate to contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.


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