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Debt collection Spain

Our debt collection lawyers are experienced legal professionals who specialise in helping, advising and taking action to recover money in Spain on behalf of companies and individuals.

If you are suffering from a company or individual not paying what they owe you, then talk to our specialist debt recovery lawyers.

For expert legal advice in relation to any form of debt collection Spain, contact us now for a no obligation consultation.

Our experienced team provide an unequalled service to international clients to recover debts from Spain based companies and individuals.

GB Abogados can help you recover any debt that you are owed.

Our commitment is to provide a first-class debt recovery service to our international clients;

  • Clear honest advice
  • No obligation initial consultation
  • Bespoke debt collection strategy
  • Legal process without the need for you to travel
  • Competitive fee options

Why a lawyer is more effective than a debt collection agency

The approach our debt collection lawyers employ is direct and simple, proving far more effective than traditional debt collection methods.

As regulated lawyers, we are experienced at making Spanish legal procedures work for us.

There are often different ways to approach debt collection. Our team of lawyers in our debt collection department will advise you according to your specific circumstances.

Our aim is to place substantial pressure on the debtor from outset. Our focus is on you obtaining your money as promptly as possible.

Following initial approaches to the debtor, we move swiftly to legal proceedings if payment is not made immediately or an acceptable payment plan is not agreed.

What Is The Debt Recovery Process?

There are a series of steps we can take to recover the money you are owed. Each step is designed to achieve the desired results whilst minimising costs and time spent.

Letter before action

The first step is to send a formal letter before action to the debtor.

This communication confirms the amount owed and requests payment by return.

It also explains to the debtor that court proceedings will follow if the debt is not paid by a specified deadline.

Often, the debt will be recovered successfully at this stage or at very least contact is received and we are able to successfully agree a repayment plan with your debtor.

Court proceedings in Spain

The court proceedings in Spain will take the form of either a Moneyclaim (monetario) or Ordinary court process (ordinario).


This is a claim for a fixed sum of money. You can read a detailed explanation of the process here.

Ordinary procedure

The process of court action in civil law in Spain is called “procedimiento ordinario”. This kind of legal action can be taken in a wide range of circumstances.

Common situations which can be resolved through this court process include;

  • Contract disputes
  • Contested money claims
  • Trade disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes
  • Compensation claims
  • Claims for damages
  • Insurance claims
  • Injury claims
  • Negligence claims

You can read a more detailed explanation of these proceedings here.

How GB Abogados can help

The approach most likely to achieve a successful and prompt result will largely depend on the specific circumstances of your case.

In many cases the appointment of a lawyer can achieve an immediate result, with the debt seeking to avoid court action.

This often leads to payment of the outstanding sum or agreement of a payment plan.

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we will discuss your situation and provide our advice as to the best course of action and the cost of the process.


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