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IP Law

GB Abogados offers its clients comprehensive advice on Trademarks, Patents, Designs and Copyright all over the world, and legal services in this branch of the law.

Trade Marks

We offer comprehensive and specialized advice on management, protection and defence of business distinctive signs.

GB Abogados possesses a wide experience in trademark litigation, in particular in those procedures concerning community trade marks before EUIPO and the Spanish Community Trade Mark Court, both located in Alicante.

Our services include:

Research and studies of trademark viability registration anywhere in the world.
Comprehensive advice to provide your brand with efficient protection.
We draft effective national and international distribution and licence agreements to protect your assets.
Litigation and disputes involving trademark infringement and conflicts due to unauthorized on-line use (particularly, conflicts between trademarks and domain names).


GB Abogados possesses an specialist knowledge in strategic protection, registration and defence of designs.

We study all the possibilities for protecting shapes, proposing the most efficient strategies for protecting you designs in any part of the world.


Inventions can be protected in Spain through patents and utility models.

Given the complexity of the patent system, an inventor needs legal advice to ensure the best protection for his invention.

GB Abogados offers a comprehensive service for protecting your inventions, from drafting and filing your patents or utility models with the WIPO through granting and maintenance during their legal lives.

We advise on the following areas:


Protection of patents and SPCs for innovative products (infringement and nullity)

  • Patents and utility models assignment contracts
  • Licences over patents and utility models
  • Technology and Know-How transfer agreements
  • Patent agency agreements
  • Confidentiality agreements

Unfair Competition

The Spanish Unfair Competition Act is a statutory mean to fight against certain conducts in the market contrary to good faith in business.

This is a legal mean aimed at offering a complementary protection to Industrial Property, which prohibits actions such as fraud, passing off and unfair advantage of a third party reputation.

Moreover, this Act is also a legal set of rules to face and pursuit certain unfair conducts such as the violation of trade secrets, the sacrificial sale….etc.

GB Abogados provides with a wide experience in the defence of our clients’ interests against these unlawful activities before the Commercial Courts.

Distribution Law

Distribution contracts, notwithstanding their form (agency, franchise, selective distribution, exclusive distribution, etc.), require full legal advice given their complex legal implications.

GB Abogados ensures a complete legal vision in order to avoid discrepancies between the parties in their distribution relationships.

New Technologies

Our Law Firm also advises in the field of New Technologies

1.Electronic commerce and Services of the information society

  • Electronic signatures
  • Compliance with information society services legislation
  • Spam
  • Liability of intermediary service providers
  • Use of general conditions in e-contracts
  • E-contracting of financial services
  • Legal aspects of web design
  • Domain names, WIPO arbitration
  • Closing down websites

2. Personal Data Protection

  • Data file notification
  • Distinguishing between personal and business data
  • Duty to inform data subjects of and obtain their consent to data processing
  • Sending of commercial communications by email and data storage devices to terminal equipment
  • Procedures for data subjects to exercise their rights
  • Legal requirements to assign and process personal data
  • International data transfers
  • Whistle-blowing
  • Special protection of genetic data
  • Traffic and location data
  • Data retention policies
  • Company policies on employee use of email, Internet, mobile telephones, PDAs
  • Security measures
  • Exceptions to the duty to inform
  • Information requests, judicial and administrative proceedings

3. Conflicts between distinctive sings and domain names

4. The pursuit of criminal conducts through the Internet.


GB Abogados benefit from a wealth of experience related to:

  • Copyright and other similar rights
  • Drafting of contracts of assignment of copyrights
  • Licences for intellectual property rights collecting societies
  • Intellectual property rights infringement proceedings
  • Protection of rights to honour, reputation and privacy
  • If you would like to discuss your circumstances with one of your experienced, bi-lingual solicitors, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We will provide our advice and confirm how we can help you and your business.

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