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Cook Islands registration for ships & yachts

Cook Islands registration for ships & yachts

The Cook Islands are a group of 15 islands in the Pacific Ocean. The main industries are tourism and offshore services. One of which, is the registry of ships and yachts.

The registry benefits from a network of offices in strategically locations around the world.

Key benefits of Cook Islands yacht registration

  • Open registry for yachts & superyachts
  • Low annual charges
  • No Cook Islands taxes
  • Network of offices
  • Network of authorised surveyors
  • Free instant name registration
  • Fast registration process
  • No company formation requirement
  • No nationality restrictions
  • Requirements

The requirements for the provisional application to register a private vessel in the Cook Islands are as follows;

  • Completed Application Form
  • Company Certificate or Cook Islands Ship Owners Association/Cook Islands Yacht Squadron membership confirmation
  • Carving and Markings Note (inc. current photo of vessel)
  • Pre-Registration Inspection
  • Proof of deletion from previous flag (if charter registration)
  • Proof of suspension from previous flag (if charter registration)
  • Completed copies of all previous closed CR
  • Copy of P&I policy evidencing financial security for MLC regulation

Once approved and the registration fee received, a Provisional Certificate of Registry is issued.

This certificate is effective from the date of issue and valid for a period of 3 months. During this time the requirements for permanent registration are to be completed.

Requirements for permanent registration

  • Original Application Form
  • Deletion Certificate from yacht’s previous Registry
  • Confirmation from Radio Accounting Authority agreeing to act as Accounting Authority while vessel is under Cook Islands Flag
  • Schedule of shareholders (if applicable)
  • Power of Attorney/ ID documents of Directors and/or Company Secretary (as applicable)
  • CEPIRB hexadecimal & serial numbers for all vessels on international voyage and proof of registration of the EPIRB
  • Carvings and Markings Note with photographs of the vessel
  • Current photo of vessel

The vessel can be registered for a period of either 1, 3, or 5 years. The registration fees need to be paid in advance.

The owner of a yacht registered in the Cook Islands has the option of selecting from the following Ports of Registry:

Cook Islands Yacht Squadron – Cook Islands
Cook Islands Yacht Squadron – Avatiu
Cook Islands Yacht SquadronI – Arutanga

If you are interested in purchasing a yacht or a new registration, please don´t hesitate to contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

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