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What to do if you have been arrested or received court papers in Spain

What to do if you have been arrested or received court papers in Spain

Arrested in Spain

If you have been arrested in Spain or have recently received documents informing you of a court hearing contact us today.

It is important to face the problem head on. Being outside of Spain will not protect you.

Many clients contact us after receiving a formal notification relating to an incident that happened some time previously.

The legal process can be very slow in Spain. It is therefore not uncommon for notifications to be sent out years after an initial arrest.

Obviously after such a passage of time the shock of receiving court papers is greatly increased.

If you receive any legal document from the police or a Spanish court, it is important to obtain legal advice straight away.

GB Abogados have a dedicated English speaking team of solicitors to assist in all instances of criminal law cases throughout Spain.

Our solicitors have vast experience of handling cases for international clients who have been arrested in Spain.

Appointing a solicitor and entering communications with the court at the earliest opportunity usually ensures the best possible outcome.

Contact us today for a no obligation consultation. Our UK telephone number is 0203 137 1320.

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