UK Grant of Representation

UK Grant of Representation

GB Abogados assist many UK clients who require assistance with probate in order to inherit an estate in Spain.

Many such clients do so without there being either a Spanish or UK will.

This scenario is not necessarily a problem, but means that additional steps are required to complete the probate process in Spain.

In the absence of a will, Grant of Representation needs to be obtained in the UK.

If you have a UK solicitor, they can help you obtain this document.

If not, then the steps are as follows.

The following form needs to be completed:

You will also need to complete an Inheritance Tax form:

Once done, the 2 forms, together with the original death certificate, need to be sent to your local probate office. You can find the closest office to you here:

The fee also needs to be enclosed with the application. Details of fees can be found here:

Once the application for the Grant of Representation has been sent to your local probate office, you will receive notification of an appointment to swear an oath.

Once you have sworn the oath you will receive the Grant of Representation.

The original Grant of Representation then needs to be legalised by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in order to be used abroad.

If you need assistance with an inheritance in Spain, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We can talk you through the process and how we can assist you.

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