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Airport arrests in Spain

Airport arrests in Spain

An enquiry that is becoming a bit more common over time at our law firm is about people that are afraid of coming to Spain on holiday.

It may be because they’ve heard some story about someone getting arrested at the airport on their arrival or at the hotel.

It is an understandable fear, as one goes on holiday to relax and enjoy, and spending a night in a police station’s jail does not fit that description.

Of course, the Spanish Security Forces (policía local, policía nacional, guardia civil, etc) don’t arrest people for the sake of it, they do have a standing order.

It could be a matter that the traveller thought lied in the past (an argument with somebody that ended up with the police answering a concerned call, loud noises that the hotel or the neighbours reported, being stopped in a police control and taking a breathalyser, and a long, long etc).

Even though the tourist may think that the matter is resolved, there may be something gnawing at the back of their mind.

And that omen could be right. Most of the previous examples require a court hearing with a judge, which the traveller may have missed because they were unaware, or maybe because they never received the subpoena.

In most of those cases, the court will issue an arrest warrant with a BOLO alert (be on the lookout).

Whenever that person is stopped again (generally at the airport or the hotel, but also in a routine traffic stop or other places where they require you to identify yourself) he will be arrested and the holiday ruined.

Luckily, there is a way to prevent this from happening.

If you suspect there may be unresolved issues in Spain, you can contact our law firm and we’ll provide a full check on the Spanish Security Forces arrest warrant registry.

If you have had a previous criminal court proceeding in Spain, we can check with the court if that is closed as well and you are free to come and enjoy the sun.

In casse you would like a confidential, no obligation consultation, please don´t hesitate to contact us.

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