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How to check for a will in Spain

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How to Check for a Will in Spain

Losing a loved one is a difficult time, and dealing with legal matters can add to the stress. One crucial aspect after someone passes away is determining if they left a will.

In Spain, like many other countries, locating a will is essential for settling the deceased’s estate. Knowing how to check for a will can save time and effort in the probate process.

Seeking our assistance can significantly streamline the process of searching for a will in Spain and applying to the Central Registry in Madrid.

Here’s why GB Abogados can help you:

1. Legal Expertise and Knowledge of Procedures:
Our lawyers specialising in probate and estate matters possess a deep understanding of the legal procedures involved in locating a will. They can navigate the complexities of Spanish law, including the requirements for accessing the Central Registry in Madrid.

2. Avoid the need to travel to Spain:
Our English speaking lawyers will draft a Power of Attorney to enable us to carry out a will search on your behalf. The document needs to be signed in front of a notary. This can be done in your home country. We locate a notary and assist with the arrangements for signature.

3. Proper Documentation and Representation:
We assist in preparing the required documentation for the application to the Central Registry in Madrid. This may include drafting formal requests, gathering supporting evidence, and ensuring that all paperwork is properly completed and submitted.

4. Language Barrier:
For individuals who are not fluent in Spanish, navigating legal proceedings in Spain can be challenging. Our lawyers can bridge the language gap by providing translation services and ensuring clear communication with the Central Registry and other relevant authorities.

5. Expedited Processing:
Our lawyers are familiar with the administrative procedures involved in accessing the Central Registry in Madrid. They can expedite the processing of the application and follow up on its progress to ensure timely results.

6. Compliance with Legal Requirements:
Navigating the Spanish legal system requires adherence to specific regulations and protocols. We ensure that all actions taken during the will search process comply with legal requirements, reducing the risk of complications or delays.

We offer a no obligation consultation

Contact us to day to discuss your circumstances.

Our English speaking lawyers in our probate department will provide clear advice and answer any queries you may have.

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