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Spanish property market July 2023

Selling a property in Spain

In this post, we will analyse the trends and developments in property transmissions using the latest available data from the Spanish Institute of National Statistics.

This will provide you with a valuable insight into the current state of affairs of the property market in Spain.

Spain has long been a coveted destination for property investments, attracting buyers from across the globe. Whether you are a seasoned investor or someone dreaming of owning a piece of Spanish paradise, keeping abreast of the market’s fluctuating dynamics is crucial.

By discussing the latest property sales figures, we hope to offer a valuable insight into the current state of the market.

Whether you are considering investing in a holiday home on the Costa del Sol or exploring the urban real estate market in Barcelona, stay tuned as we unpack the latest developments and trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve.

July 2023 property transmissions in Spain

The total number of property transmissions in Spain in July 2023 was 170,109. This figure represents a fall of 4.7% compared with July 2022.

Property transmissions includes several different kinds of transfer including; sales, donations/gifts, inheritances etc..

The most accurate barometer of the state of the market is the number of regular sales. In July 2023 these amounted to 92,262. 

This figure means that sales have dropped by 10.5% in comparison to July 2022.

spanish property sales july 2023

Transmissions by type

The pie chart below outlines the number of transmissions by type. The classification “other” includes various circumstances such as joining of plots, bank repossessions, judicial actions and settlements. 

property sales spain

New build sales

The total number of new properties sold in July 2023 was 8,267. This is 7.4% less than July 2022.

Regional figures

The table below shows the breakdown of property transactions by region.

The regions with the most transmissions per 100,000 inhabitants were Valencia (189), Murcia (149) and Andalucia (144).


Transmissions Annual variation
Andalucia 29,557


Aragón 6,719


Asturias 4,107


Balearic Islands 4,248


Canary Islands 5,738


Cantabria 2,471


Castilla & León 13,659


Castilla La Mancha 10,384


Cataluña 23,962


Comunitat Valenciana 24,561


Extremadura 3,985


Galicia 7,675


Madrid 17,145


Murcia 5,555


Navarra 1,894


Pais Vasco 6,719


Rioja, La 1,498


TOTAL 170,109



July follows the same trend as seen throughout 2023. The majority of regions have experienced a fall in the volume of transactions. 

It can be considered that there are several underlying causes for the stagnation of the property market. The most significant being the increasing interest rates having led to higher mortgage rates.

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